Free 3D sci-fi models
Create your own sci-fi & fantasy artwork using Spacejetters 3D models and your favourite rendering software. See our free Sci-fi tutorials

3D models for Bryce and other 3D programs using .3ds format
Spacejetters 3D models are now available in .3ds file format. The models come without textures allowing more flexibility to create your own designs.
The models are available as an electronic download which can be imported into Bryce 4, Bryce 5, Bryce 5.5, Bryce 6 and other compatible programs.
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To download the Spacejetters sci-fi model collection which includes all of the models below plus many more then click here.
You can also download some of the Bryce hull materials to use in Bryce 5 (currently free to download from

The 3D spacecraft models above are examples of models which have had a material preset applied to them to give them more detail.
More Bryce 3D tutorials can also be found
here to help you get creative.

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