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Art Books



Science fiction art books

The Art of John Berkey
Jane Frank
'Perhaps the most widely respected of all living space artists and one of the giants in the history of science fiction art..'

Journeyman: Art of Chris Moore
Chris Moore, Stephen Gallagher
'The first collection by Chris Moore, internationally renowned science fiction illustrator, whose work includes book covers for writers such as Isaac Asimov'

Ground Zero: The Art of Fred Gambino
Fred Gambino
'a breathtaking selection of artworks from spaceships, stars and galaxies, to the heroes and heroines of futuristic worlds..'

21st century Foss
Chris Foss
A collection of paintings that influenced a generation of UK sci-fi artists

Imago: The Fantasy Art of Jim Burns
Jim Burns
'This book is a must-have for fans of science fiction artwork!'

Solar wind
Peter A. Jones
Illustrations of alien worlds and beings from this well respected UK artist

Mass: The Art of John Harris
John Harris, Ron Tiner
'A collection by the science fiction painter John Harris, renowned for the grandeur of his vision and the profound sense of mood he is able to convey through his artistry..'

Fantasy art books

Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell: The Ultimate Collection
Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell
'Breathtaking fantasy artwork!'

Twin Visions: The Magical Art of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell
Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell
'Strong men, sensual women and a grand array of monsters and beasts are all portrayed with the vivid color and bold eroticism that so characterizes their work..'

Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell
'Starring the heroes and heroines from Marvel Comics...'

The Art of Simon Bisley
by Simon Bisley
'Stunning works of art that no fan of comic book / graphic novel artwork should be without..'

Kingsgate: The Art of Keith Parkinson
Keith Parkinson
'Parkinson gives you a gloriously detailed view of his imagination, with superb reproduction and high-quality stock..'

Dreams: The Art of Boris Vallejo
Boris Vallejo, Nigel Suckling
'paintings of stunning winged women, muscled men fighting ferocious beasts as well as strange alien worlds filled with metallic space craft and colourful citizens..'

Last Ship Home
Rodney Matthews
'The book has great 'coffee-table' appeal, and also makes a great imaginative resource..'

In Search of Forever
Rodney Matthews
'Rodney Matthews, discusses his technique, and shows a variety of his fantasy illustrations for album and book covers, posters, and calendars..'

Amazona: The Art of Chris Achilleos
Chris Achilleos
'This lavish volume showcases the breadth of his output..'
Forum Vol 39 No4 2005

Frank Frazetta
'the largest collection of his art ever assembled in a single volume..'

Luis Royo
'packed with large full colour images, each supported with pencil sketches and short comments by Luis Royo..'

Revelations: The Art of Max Bertolini
Max Bertolini
'Max regularly contributes work Baen Books, Del Rey, Fantasy & Science Fiction and Heavy Metal Magazine..'

Luis Royo
'The newest collection of amazing fantasy art witha deeply sensual touch..'

Mirage (Paper Tiger Miniatures) 
Boris Vallejo
'An erotic collection of paintings and pencil sketches from the leading fantasy artist. Brought up to date with the addition of 8 new paintings..'

Arnie Fenner
‘The first of a series of books dedicated to showcasing the best in contemporary fantastic art’

Spectrum 8
Cathy Fenner, Arnie Fenner
'contains the very best sci-fi and fantasy art to be found anywhere..'

Spectrum 9
Cathy Fenner, Arnie Fenner
'work created for books, comics, magazines, art galleries, advertisements and the portfolios of some of the finest contemporary artists in the field..'

Spectrum 10
Arnie Fenner
'The tenth annual collection of the best in fantasy and science fiction art..'

Spectrum 11
Cathy Fenner
The Eleventh Annual Collection of the Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art

Science fiction and fantasy art instructional books

Digital Fantasy Painting Workshop
by Martin McKenna
'a must-have book for anyone who admires the work of fantasy illustrators..'

Drawing and painting fantasy figures: From the Imagination to the Page
Finlay Cowan
'This books not only shows how to develop and range of images, but shows how to bring the characters to life with emotion, movement and action. It also deals with computer-generated digital art, and gives hints and tips on showcasing finished work...'

Fantasy Workshop
Boris Vallejo
'The book goes through every single step Vallejo and Bell do to ensure a perfect painting every time..'

Anatomy for Fantasy Artists
An Illustrator's Guide to Creating Action Figures and Fantastical Forms 
Glenn Fabry
'This is an indispensable guide for anyone interested in improving and developing their fantasy art figures..'

The Encyclopedia of Fantasy and Science Fiction Art Techniques
John Grant, Ron Tiner
'includes professional tips and techniques and clear step-by-step instructions for a variety of popular styles -- from horror to heroic fantasy, from creatures to characterisation..'

More Fantasy Art Masters
Dick Jude
'The Best Fantasy and Science Fiction Artists Show How They Work'

Digital Sci-fi Art
by Michael Burns
A Step-by-step Guide to Creating Stunning, Futuristic Images

Digital Fantasy Painting
by Michael Burns
'this book helps the reader to master the skills, techniques and tools needed to create cutting-edge paintings..'

Comic book illustration instructional books

Comics Crash Course
Vincent Giarrano
A Start-To-Finish Guide to Creating Dynamic Comics

How to Draw and Sell Comic Strips
Alan McKenzie
'This book will teach you not only how to master the art of creating exciting comic strips, but also how to get them published..'

How to Draw Comics the "Marvel" Way
Stan Lee, John Buscema
'teaches the fundamentals and the core of all comic drawing..'

Perspective! for Comic Book Artists
David Chelsea
How to Achieve a Professional Look in Your Artwork

How to Draw Great-looking Comic Book Women
Christopher Hart
'Shows aspiring artists how to master the drawing of a bevy of fabulous females..'

How to Draw Comic Book Bad Guys and Gals
Christopher Hart
'shows how to draw diabolical, spine-tingling characters and comic-book villains..'

The DC Comics Guide to Inking Comics
Klaus Janson, Frank Miller
'Once you've read this and got some practice in, you'll be able to ink everything from cartoons to the most cutting-edge comic book characters..'

The DC Comics Guide to Pencilling Comics
Klaus Janson
'This book delivers alot of info, not unlike the Marvel book in many respects but in a very different way..'

Drawing Cutting-edge Comics
Christopher Hart
'shows readers, step-by-step, how to draw the radical characters and use the cutting-edge techniques that are the gold standard for designing extreme comics..'

How to Draw Aliens, Mutants and Mysterious Creatures
Christopher Hart
'how artists can recreate fabulous energy-based creatures, scary humanoids, blind mutants, romantic winged mutants, and more..'

Drawing Dynamic Comics
Andy Smith
'structured in such a way that artists of all levels of talent can benefit..'

Drawing Cutting Edge Anatomy
Christopher Hart
The Ultimate Reference Guide for Comic Book Artists

How to Draw Those Bodacious Bad Babes of Comics
Frank McLaughlin, Mike Gold
'how to draw the voluptuous women that often appear in comic books, including how to draw specific poses, expressions, and other techniques..'

How to Draw Manga: Putting things in Perspective
K's Art
'A good buy for everyone interested in graphics or manga..'

Drawing Cutting Edge Fusion: American Comics with a Manga Influence
Christopher Hart
'Manga Fusion,' a new, edgy genre, which is at the vanguard of today's comics and graphic novels..'

How to Draw Manga: Bodies and Anatomy
Society for the Study of Manga Techniques
'step-by-step instructions on how to draw manga human anatomy..'

Fantasy art books

digital fantasy painting
Art of Simon Bisley
Fantasy Workshop by Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell
Spectrum 9 Fantastic Art
Amazona art by Chris Achilleos
Icon Frank Frazetta art book
Fantasy Art Masters
Revelations art by Max Bertolini
Drawing fantasy figures
Kingsgate art by Keith Parkinson
Mirage art by Boris Vallejo
Ground Zero art by Fred Gambino
Journeyman art by Chris Moore