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 Picture framing advice


Framing your prints will give them a much more pleasing and professional appearance.

Finding the right frames to suit your pictures and home decor is usually a matter of personal taste. Using simple polished pine frames with a white matte will give you a stylish look at an affordable price. Metallic frames and plain colored frames also look good too.

Here are a few tips on choosing frames and colored mattes...

1. Avoid the cheapest wood mouldings because they look cheap!

2. Dark wood frames look good too but choose a light colored matte to make your pictures stand out

3. Ready-made frames are usually a good buy. They generally come complete with glass and hooks ready for hanging.
All you need to do is fit the print inside the matte using adhesive tape.

4. If you prefer a colored matte, try to choose a color that compliments the picture.
If you’re not sure what works best, ask the advice of a local picture framer.

One more thing. When hanging your pictures try to align them carefully so that the arrangement is pleasing to the eye.
Also try to avoid hanging pictures where they reflect too much light, for example, opposite a window. Too many reflections make it difficult to see them easily.